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No doubt that buying a luxury apartment in Paris, a chalet in the Alps, a chateau in France or a house in Provence is a seducing vision. However, bringing it to life might turn out to be actually very difficult and managing the project might become stressful due to the hassle, waste of time and energy, and insecurities it might involve.

In a nutshell, what started with excitement might end up in big frustration. Experience tells that, for luxury real estate, success depends more on true expertise, connections and project management than on only financial means.

That is the reason why Vitruve Associés has put in place a whole range of property acquisition services for its clients who want to hand over their projects to a dedicated professional who defends their interests and provides them with tailor made solutions all along the process.

Find your property with peace of mind

Through one single point of contact, you have access to all the properties for sale and, more importantly, the best ones which are most of the time off- market. Our thorough scan leads to a short list of suitable places that we submit you in the form of intelligible presentations. We then discuss together each property objectively in order to organize productive viewings for the ones you select in the best time frame, making you save the time of useless visits.

Secure your investment

Beyond obvious emotional considerations, acquiring a luxury property has generally a financial impact on the overall wealth portfolio of the buyer. Vitruve strives to provide you with the most appropriate information to help you make your decision:

  • Technical survey
  • Report on potential transformation in terms of feasibility and cost
  • Intelligible value assessment
  • Factual and objective recommendation
  • Negotiation and handling of the acquisition paper work
  • Wealth management advice
  • Financing
  • Management of renovation/decoration project
  • Administration of the property/rental

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