Vitruve Associés is a Geneva based real estate company, specialized in luxury properties sales and acquisitions in Switzerland and France. It sets itself apart as an independent and comprehensive service company rather than a traditional luxury real estate agent.

Through a seasoned and interdisciplinary team of experts offering in total more than 30 years of experience in upmarket real estate, we put our clients’ needs first and consider every project unique to deliver the most personalized solutions.

Our clients are international high net worth Individuals as well as wealth managers, lawyers and investors who are thorough, focused and expect pro-active approaches. Therefore, they clearly see the time saving and financial benefits of putting their projects into the hands of a committed expert who listens to them and understand their needs.

As the best personalized services call for mutual trust and openness, Vitruve Associés put emphasis on integrity and confidentiality as inherent parts of our all round approach… before, during and after the project.

Vitruve Associés SA, rue du Général Dufour 22, 1204 Genève, Suisse
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